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Brinyte Cycling To Tibet Diary

----------------------------------------- April 30th, Cycling 0km ----------------------------------------------------
Rest one day, to see Sunshine Jinshan in the next morning!

There are so many Youth hostels on the way to Tibet, full of national features and cheap.

And in the next morning, we are so lucky to see Sunshine Jinshan. It's means happiness,safety and lucky to everyone!

----------------------------------------- April 29th, Cycling 40km ----------------------------------------------------
From Chin-sha River to White Horse Mountains, 45 km.→_→Almost whole journey is uphill.....

Now we are 4300m above sea level, and can see Meri Snow Mountain.

Blue sky,fresh air, beautiful view!

April 28th, Cycling 60km ----------------------------------------------------
From Shangri-la to Chin-sha River, about 60km. It’s very happy at beginning, my speed reached 30km/h because the 40km downhill highway. 

Then we arrived Meri Snow Mountain, which is famous for Sunshine Jinshan. And we succeed to see this sight in 30th.

Then, I have to face 20km uphill, dead tired.

Overlook Chin-sha River, here is source of Chinese mother river.

Use Brinyte DIV05 diving flashlight as bike light, not professional but enought bright.

April 27th, Cycling 80km ----------------------------------------------------
From Chong Tianhe Gydropower Station to Shangri-la, 80 km,half of today cycling is uphill. Because now we are 3280km over the sea, so the weather is cold, really very cold to me who is always living in summer season.
Uphill uphill uphill....But the view is really very beatiful!

Today we have a memorable lunch--buttered tea.It's This is one of the characteristics food Of chinese Tibetan, I've excepted it long time!!!!

Arrived destination!

April 26th, Cycling 108km ----------------------------------------------------
Today,Brinyte "Tibet Cycling Team" start them trip.The waether is not good, rainy all day, but we all very excited.

We are unprofessional cycling team,  but we still succeed to get to out destination before it got dark.

In the first day: cycling 108km.

April 25th, Ready ----------------------------------------------------

Start from Shenzhen, stopping Kunming to Lijiang. At about eight o'clock, I cycling to Lijiang  ancient city after assemble my bicycle. It’s my first time cycling on the highway, so excited! And it’s also the first time we meet other Team-mate, strangers gathered for Tibet!

----------------------------------------- April 24th, Ready ----------------------------------------------------
To go to Tibet is a kind of disease to Chinese, incurable.

Everyone has a dream of Tibet: to go to Tibet to see snow mountains, Himalaya; to find the belief, thinking of life; to see another life... See the train through the no man's land, not even a blade of grass grows and barren rock; Himalaya is the world's highest region, but in millions of years ago it is a submarine; Tibetans kowtow to the Jokhang Temple step by step, just for the sake of them faith. In Tibet, feel this pure land in the earth.

At the end of April, the weather is warming up, the visitors to Tibet is less, so it is a good season to cycling to Tibet.After two months of preparation, one of Brinyte member is ready to cycling to Tibet now. Though the night cycling in the schedule, but we still equipped them team with Brinyte HEX61 high power outdoor flashlight, waterproof IP68 design, maximum 70 degrees wide angle,650 lumen output on high mode, laser carving design together with the team name. Brinyte high power outdoor torch, bright your adventure!

Brinyte Tibet cycling team:
Leader: Fei Huang
Members: Zhenhua Wang,Star,Yun,Andy,Siming Zhang,Xueluo,Jinghua Wang,Qiulan,Yalun.
We from all corners of the country and together to cycling to Tibet.

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