Maintenance repair essential Sambo, flashlight essential
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Maintenance repair essential Sambo, flashlight essential
Speaking of maintenance Sambo, compared to many people is not very clear, maintenance of Sambo are the baton, toolbox and flashlight. These three seemingly ordinary tools are indispensable tools for the maintenance personnel and are also an important guarantee for ensuring the safe flight of the aircraft.
The following Xiao Bian gave you talk about the main role of these three tools:
What is a baton? Graphically speaking, the baton is like a pair of hands of a traffic policeman and conveys information through concise and straightforward gestures. This exchange through the baton is the most direct way of communicating between the crew and the pilot. What gestures the aircraft can slide out, what gestures to continue to glide, what gestures to stop parking, what gestures to brake ... Under the command of these gestures, the aircraft can accurately stop at the prescribed position. Whether it is before take-off or after landing, the ground safety of the aircraft depends on each of these gestures and actions.

Toolbox, don't underestimate this small box. For the crew, this is a treasure box. Every tool can be put to use: The barometer that checks the tire pressure is to ensure that every tire before the flight. All are within the normal take-off standard; a slotted screwdriver and a Phillips-head screwdriver are used to approach certain cover plates for inspection work, such as opening the cover after flight to see the IDG (Integral Drive Generator) oil volume, etc.; torque wrenches, Most people are not very familiar with it. Its main purpose is to ensure that torque can be applied according to the requirements of the manual. In addition, there are tools such as socket wrenches and box wrenches that are placed in the tool box for the crew to use at any time.

The flashlight has been forgotten by people in this era of prevalence of electrical appliances, but it is the most faithful friend of the aircraft operator. There are always nights in the day, and there are always dark corners in the work. The flashlight has laid its irrevocable position because of its compactness and convenience. From the initial installation of a flashlight with a number one battery and a small bulb, to the installation of a LED light bulb and a flashlight using a rechargeable lithium battery, a small flashlight has become an indispensable aid in maintenance operations. With a little light, let There is no place for security risks.
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