How to Choose Your Diving Flashlight for Night Dive
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How to Choose Your Diving Flashlight for Night Dive
In order to provide lighting during night dives, you must equip with a dive light, which will be the main source of light for night diving. During the day you can use the dive lights to explore the cracks and also to explore the interior of the wreck and underwater caves (these types of diving require special training)
Style: There are two main styles of dive lights, and you can choose different light bulbs and use rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries. Then we know the dive lights together!

Diving flashlight
It is available in small and lightweight flashlights that can be used for diving during the day, as diving flashlights for night diving, wreck diving and cave diving, and large flashlights that are the main source of light for diving in the dark. 
Can type light
Mainly used for wreck diving and cave diving, can lamps provide a small lamp that is connected to the battery inside the waist jar. Can-type lamps are usually brighter (although they have now changed due to advances in lighting technology, small lamps have become more intense), so this makes it easier to carry their larger batteries
Waterproof and compressive
All dive lights should have a waterproof design and water pressure that can resist their calibrated depth. Avoid using non-submersible "waterproof" lights because they may collapse and fail due to stress.
Durability and reliability
Diving environment is not merciless for diving equipment, diving lights must be strong enough to withstand the right amount of seawater.
Rechargeable Battery 
Unless you use your dive lights very rarely, rechargeable batteries will be a good choice for your large submersible lights. They are very valuable for returning fares, and they also reduce the number of batteries that are thrown into landfills. Many dive lights use nickel-metal-hydride rechargeable batteries to perform better than normal disposable batteries, so you can not only save money and protect the environment, but you can also get higher performance.
Regarding the size of the dive lights, this depends on people and the environment. Some people prefer to use compact and portable ones, and some people prefer to use larger, longer-range dive lights. This mainly depends on personal choices, and in some poor lighting conditions. In the environment, it is recommended to use high-powered dive lights.
Most modern submersible lights use AA and other popular size batteries, and can use rechargeable or disposable batteries; the general principle of using batteries: Do not mix new batteries and occasionally used batteries, and even some dive lights can accept all Do not mix different types of batteries. Always use a new battery pack of the same model.
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