The wireless remote dimmer switch will be controlled by the tail switch of T18 Artemis to turn on or off. When the flashlight is turned on by the tail switch, the remote dimmer switch can be used. If the wireless remote dimmer switch is used to decrease or increase the brightness, then using the remote dimmer switch to turn off the flashlight, the flashlight will be turned on by the wireless remote switch at the same brightness when it was turned off by the remote switch.


If you use the tail switch to turn on the flashlight, the flashlight will be turned on at the highest brightness.

Sorry, this function can not be deactivated. This function is designed to avoid turning on the flashlight accidentally when you put the flashlight in a holster or a bag. Because the flashlight will be in a high temperature after it is turned on for a while, there is a possibility to damage the flashlight and the holster or bag.

Firstly, you can judge by the brightness of the flashlight, you need to charge it if the brightness has a significant decrease; Secondly, you can judge it by the runtime we mentioned in the user manual; Thirdly, you can charge the included battery directly, if the battery is charged fully, the built-in indicator of the battery will become blue from red.

Please check if the front side switch is in locked state, in general, the front side switch will be locked after you turn off the flashlight for 1min. If you want to unlock the front side switch, please click it three times in quick succession, then it will work normally again. Or you can press down the tail switch to turn on the flashlight, the front side switch will be unlocked automatically after 10s.

No. The standard kit of Brinyte PT18pro Oathkeeper does not include a pressure remote switch. Please order the additional one by this link:

The coming T17/T27/T18 Artemis hunting flashlight.

Almost the same, only the part of the tactical ring and the charging system are different. Please notice that the new tactical ring of PT18pro Oathkeeper can not be installed on the PT18 Oathkeeper.

Yes, Brinyte Artemis series use 21700 battery, such as T17/T27/T18/T28 Artemis hunting flashlight.

When the flashlight is ON, long press the front side for 10s until the light flashes once to turn on or off this function.

No. It doesn't, you need to buy it additionally.

Yes. The standard Brinyte T28 Artemis hunting light kit includes one 21700 5000mAh USB battery / one USB-C cable/ one pressure remote switch.

First step: Unscrew the tail from the flashlight;

Second step: Install the BR tactical ring from bottom to top along the specially designed slot on both sides of the tail. Please pay attention to the special triangular mark near the slot on both sides of the tail to find the slot;

Third step: Please screw the tail with BR tactical ring to the flashlight.

The indicator is working indicator of the flashlight. It is always green when the flashlight works normally, which can only indicate the working status of the flashlight, but not the battery level.

In order to make it easy to quickly find the front side switch in the dark, when Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper is activated, the built-in power indicator in the front side switch will automatically turn on with a very faint brightness.  Press and hold the front side switch for 10 seconds, turn this function on or off.

Because you need to long press the tailcap knob to turn on Brinyte T28 Artemis hunting light. This design is for avoiding turning on the flashlight accidentally during the shipping.

Brinyte lighting tools are available in a wide variety of applications, but typically, there is no one light that works well in all situations.Flashlight choice depends on intended use. You need to consider your applications and how you will be using the light to select the light that's best for your specific needs.

Normally, the Brinyte flashlight will have a charging indicator. During the charging process:

when the battery indicator is green, it indicates that it is fully charged;

when the battery indicator is red, it indicates that it is charging; 

when the battery indicator is orange, it indicates that the charging is abnormal. 

For details, please refer to the instructions provided in the flashlight kit.

Normally most of the Brinyte flashlight models are sold as a kit with battery and charger, like Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper, WT01 Apollo,

 but if you need to buy them saperately, you may contact your local dealer to see if they offer such service. 

On the one hand, it will be better for you to buy it directly from our local dealer if you would like to buy Brinyte PT18 Flashlight for personal use.

Besides, if you don't know how to contact the local Brinyte’s dealer, please leave a message about your requirements to our website, we will deal with website messages as soon as possible, and we will do our best to help you get in touch with our local distributors. 

On the other hand, if you would  like to become our distributor to sell our products, please just leave a message on our website. We will deal with it as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your support! 

This situation should be reversed, you should check that the battery is properly loaded.

Please contact your local dealer for warranty claims for prompter after-sales srevice.Brinyte will  provide service support to the dealer.

Second , if you fail to concact your local dealer,  you can leave a message on our official website (

Yes. Stretch the tactical ring clip with both hands and pull it out of the flashlight.

Please notice that PT18 Oathkeeper has the intelligent lockout function:

Electronic lockout/unlock:

– While the tail primary switch is OFF, press quickly 3 times the side switch to lock or unlock. At any time, the tail button can be lit, then the front side switch will be unlocked if it is left ON after 5s.

Mechanical lockout:

Turn the tail cap 1/4 counter clockwise.

*So the lockout, are independent and would work with one without the other. Either you lockout the e-switch but tail cap in screwed tight for a momentary TURBO, or do a mechanical lockout for the tail cap, and still be able to access the side switch(if you didn't do electronic lockout), or do both lockouts at the same time for a more secure light when travelling (electronic lockout and mechanical lockout at the same time).

Yes, it is normal. 

When the flashlight is activated for 10 seconds, the built-in power indicator in the front electronic switch will automatically turn on, making it easy to quickly find the front electronic switch in the dark. 

Press and hold the front side e-switch for 10 seconds, turn this function on or off. 

Yes. Brinyte BTW18 traffic wand is designed for commanding traffic, guiding roads, and transmitting distress signals. 

Suitable for flashlights with a cylinder head diameter of 40-45mm, such as Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper.

Three colors are available, orange, red and white.

When there is a problem with the flashlight, it is not recommended that the user directly perform the maintenance without professional guidance. Otherwise, the flashlight may be damaged and the warranty will be invalid.

Please check whether it is used correctly according to the instructions; if the operation is normal, the flashlight still cannot work normally. Please first contact your local dealer for warranty claims for prompter after-sales service. Brinyte will provide support to the dealer. If you fail to get in touch with your local dealer, please leave a message on our official website ( and describe the problem. In general, we will be at 2-3 Processing within one working day.

. Do not disassemble the sealed components. Otherwise, the flashlight will be damaged and the warranty will be invalidated.

. Remove dust and grease from the light’s threads and O-rings in a timely manner, and regularly clean the threads, springs and battery contacts.

. When storing the flashlight for long periods, fully charge the battery and remove it from the battery holder to avoid leakage or explosion.

. Before storing the flashlight, dry any rain, snow, or moisture off the light.

. Unscrew the tail cap half a turn or take out the battery to prevent accidental activation during storage or transportation.

Generally yes. Brinyte charge cable use a common connector. 

When it is recommended to fully charge the battery without using a flashlight, remove the battery from the flashlight.