Brinyte Technology Co., Ltd is founded by Mr.Weng in June 2009, a comprehensive company integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. We have own R&D center, marketing team and factory.

We have always focused on the field of outdoor mobile lighting. With years of technology accumulation and continuous innovation, we have obtained more than 50 patents, and have created a series of unique and innovative self-owned brand products that are favored by consumers. Our products have been widely sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world and has been highly recognized by the market.

Our brand: Brinyte


Our products: hunting flashlights, tactical flashlights, bicycle lights, headlights, etc. Learn more: Product List

Our factory: including CNC machining, production assembly and inspection testing, etc.

Our production capacity: 60-700,000 pieces / year

Our customer base: mainly in Europe and America, covering more than 100 countries and regions around the world

Brinyte adheres to the "user experience” as the core design concept, with the professional attitude of "practical and innovative, striving for perfection", is committed to providing a stable and reliable outdoor lighting experience for global consumers through high-quality products and services, becoming a global outdoor leading brand in the field of lighting.

Brand interpretation

Brinyte originates from ‘Bright your night’

Our graphic design ideas:

Taking the circle as the main element, implying the global marketing strategy of the company

Highlighting the brand's initial letter B in the circle, it looks like a flashlight that is shining , which is not only the brand declaration, but also shows the company's self-confidence, open-minded and enterprising spirit.

The left side is an abstract figure, which symbolizes the company's warm and thoughtful service, inclusive attitude, and sincere cooperation with customers to create brilliant future.

In addition, the semicircle on the left is solid and stable, meaning the firm foundation of the enterprise; the semicircle on the right extends infinitely outward, which symbolizes the spirit of enterprise innovation going on.

The core values of our business:

Open the door to do things, honesty-based; --- We must have the bottom line and principles to do things, do not do shameful immoral things

Product ingenuity, only fast; -- products are the foundation of the company, so we must continue to develop new products

Career development, go all out; --- each of us must try our best to achieve self-worth and ideals, proof and achievement self

The company upgrades, and enjoys the benefits; --- After the development of the enterprise, profit sharing, everyone benefits

The company grows strong and strong ----Doing a good job for a long time, let us do a great thing together and prove that we are great

The mission of our company

Internal: Advocate positive, hard work, innovation, inclusive work philosophy, improve self-worth, and achieve a wonderful life

External: Leading a healthy life, creating a passionate life, advocating green environmental protection

----- Use our labor to prove ourselves and achieve self-worth, let us go through this paragraph to become a happy and glorious experience in our lives. Use our labor to bring happiness to others.