• GM01 Magnetic Mount

GM01 Magnetic Mount

  • Featuring

    • PREMIUM QUALITY: Powerful high-rated rubber coated neodymium magnets will firmly hold your fully loaded firearms without scratching them during the mounting and dismounting process.

    • FEATURED DESIGN: Thicker design offers plenty of sight clearance for your handgun or pistol.

    • ON-THE-GO PROTECTION: Mount almost any gun type and model in a variety of ways for quick access in your office, car, entryway, safe, bedroom.

    • LOW-KEY SYSTEM: Compact 3.75"L x 1.39"W x 0.74"H design for easy hiding and discreet placement allows for a sleek low profile gun mount.

    • INSTALLS IN MINUTES: Self-tapping screws and plastic expansion wall plugs included.

    • WARNING:

        .Not for use with loaded firearms or for quick draw purpose

        .Keep out of range of children

        .Adhere to all gun safety guidelines and use at own risk

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