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About us - Brinyte Flashlights
Brighten Your Night, Create Your Passion
Shenzhen Brinyte Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company that integrates research and development, manufacturing, and sales, with its own R&D center, sales team, and factory. Brinyte flashlights includes hunting lights, tactical flashlights, headlamps, and more.

The Brinyte brand was founded in June 2009 and has always focused on the field of outdoor mobile lighting. With years of technical accumulation and continuous innovation, Brinyte has obtained more than 50 patents and created a series of unique and innovative self-owned brand products that are popular among consumers. They are sold in over 100 countries and regions worldwide and have gained high recognition in the market.

Adhering to the design philosophy of "user experience as the core" and the professional attitude of "practical innovation, pursuit of perfection," Brinyte is committed to providing stable and reliable outdoor mobile lighting experiences to global consumers through high-quality products and services, and becoming a leading brand in the field of outdoor mobile lighting worldwide.
They are sold in over 100 countries and regions worldwide
Building 6, Rundongsheng Industrial Park, Gushu, Xixiang, Baoan, Shenzhen, China
Corporate Culture
Practical Innovation, Pursuit of Perfection
Business Philosophy
Focus, innovation, stability, harmony
Promote everyone to participate in sports, with good products to attract and stimulate people's interest in sports and love
Powerful Advantages, Guaranteed Product Quality and Service
R & D Center
Aging Test
CNC Workshop

Our factory is located in the vibrant city of Shenzhen, China.  It was founded in 2006. It mainly produces hunting lights, tactical lights, EDC, headlamps and other related accessories.We have 8 Assembly Lines.

Brinyte, emerging in 2009, has dedicated over a decade to cultivating the realm of gun lighting. With unwavering commitment, our products find purpose in illuminating the domains of hunting and tactical endeavors. Today, we stand proudly as the acclaimed illuminating experts in the field of gunlight.
R & D Center
With our Global Independent Research and Development Center, we are able to promptly respond to clientsneeds and develop competitive products for the market.
Our factory has a significant annualproduction capacity of 1 million pieces. This large-scale capacity ensures that wecan meet the demands of our clients whether they require small or bulk orders. We are dedicated to delivering products ina timely manner without compromising on quality.
Aging Test
To guarantee the durability and reliability ofour products, we conduct rigorous aging tests.These tests simulate reallife usage scenariosand environmental conditions to ensure thatour products can withstand various challengesand maintain their performance over time.
CNC Workshop
We have 30 CNC workshops.
Our company has obtained ISO 9001 certification, and our products have been certified with ROSE, CE, and other certifications. Brinyte firmly believes that technological prowess is the driving force behind the brand's long-term development. Therefore, we continuously invest more funds into research and development each year. To date, we have acquired nearly 50 patents and numerous accolades in recognition of our technological achievements.
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