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  • Brinyte HL28 Artemis

Brinyte HL28 Artemis

  • BRINYTE HL28 Artemis is a zoomable headlamp with its own patented tri-color sources knob control switch design. The three SCREENS LEDs easily meet users’ multi-lighting sources requirements using a patented tri-color lighting sources switch. The unique stepless dimming knob switch design is convenient to adjust any brightness level you need. The adjustable head allows 90° adjustment to meet the needs of users for different illumination angles. It has a magnetic charging port, easy to charge with the battery indicator for charging, so you will know the remaining status of the battery at any time. The battery pack is equipped with 2*21700 rechargeable lithium batteries to achieve extended battery life. HL28 Artemis is the right choice for hunting and other outdoor sports.

  • Featuring

    • Patented tri-color lighting sources switch design, easy to switch between different colors

    • Stepless dimming knob switch design, you can choose 3~100% of the illumination brightness

    • Rotating head to a beam zoom in and out

    • 0~90 degrees adjustable head

    • Powered by two 21700 rechargeable Li-ion batteries with a battery pack

    • Intelligent battery indicator for charging and checking

    • Magnetic charging port designed to charge conveniently and faster

    • The headlamp bracket, soft silicone pad, adjustable strap makes it more comfortable to wear

    • Overcharge, over-discharge, and overheat circuit protection functions

    • Reverse polarity protection prevents damage from improper battery 

    • Aircraft-grade high strength aluminum AL-6061-T6 with premium Type III military hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

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